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h1. Jetty Rails

h1. → ‘jetty-rails‘

h2. What

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Jetty Rails aims to run Ruby on Rails and Merb applications with the Jetty Container, leveraging the power of JRuby and jruby-rack.

"Jetty" is an excellent Java Web Server, being and at the same time extremely lightweight. This makes jetty-rails a good alternative for JRuby on Rails or Merb development and deployment.

The project has born from my own needs ("read more" I needed to run "JForum" on the same context of my jruby on rails application. I had also to integrate @HttpSessions@ (avoiding single sign on) and use @ServletContext@ in-memory cache store.

h2. Installing

<pre>jruby -S gem install jetty-rails</pre>

h2. The basics

Jetty Rails uses Jetty Handlers to dispatch requests to the "JRuby Rack adapter"

All extra jars inside your application lib/ dir will be loaded. Things like Java @HttpSession@, @ServletContext@ and Runtime Pools are given by JRuby Rack Filter.

Additionally, Jetty Rails automatically puts classes inside the classes/ dir in the application classpath, so you can use them in your rails code.

h2. Demonstration of usage

Rails: <pre> cd myrailsapp jruby -S jetty_rails </pre>

Merb: <pre> cd mymerbapp jruby -S jetty_merb </pre>